YBA’s Sublimation Printing Services

With the right tools and materials, you can print vibrant and long-lasting prints on t-shirts through sublimation. Also known as dye sublimation printing, or all over printing, this way of making designs on products like t-shirts and swag delivers high-quality, every time.

Thanks to the sublimation printing process, you can print all over an item instead of being confined to printing within a small fixed area on the product. YBA provides a wide array of sublimation printing services for not only apparel, but also swag, gear, gifts, tech and more.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing

There are many benefits of sublimation printing that are the reason for it catapulting to being one of the top printing methods used today, especially by print on demand services like YBA offers.

Here are the greatest advantages of sublimation printing:

Stunning Design Quality

Sublimated-Printing-CompanyThe most immediate benefit of this printing process can be seen at first sight of a product made with it. The incredibly vibrant and high-resolution designs are incredibly appealing and professional. Rather than being formed out of many tiny dots of ink, products like t-shirts have smooth colors due to how the dye is heated up and essentially injected into the pores of polyester and synthetic polymers. Vivid and subtle colors look exceptionally good when printed using dye sublimation.

Highly Durable

Since the ink used in the dye sublimation process becomes chemically bonded with the material it’s printed on, there will be little concern for scrapes and scratches affecting the design. In fact, it’s virtually impossible. This makes products like t-shirts made with sublimation printing to be highly durable over others.

Easily Stores and Transports

The dyes used will result in products that are light and easily foldable for storage. You can also wash and take care of them swiftly and easily.

Free From Glare

You no longer need to worry about your graphics, like banners, backdrops, and other products, suffering from glare that distracts viewers.

Highly Versatile

The dyes used in the sublimation process can be used on a wide range of fabrics (as long as they aren’t natural fibers like cotton). This allows for many different types of looks and styles. Whether you want to give out promotional swag, have a banner you want to hand up at a trade fair, or need quality signage, sublimation printing is the best choice.

Invest in Quality

You deserve the best products that last a long time and stay vibrant throughout their lives. Sublimation printing can offer all of that, and more. YBA specializes in on-demand printing of product designs using the sublimation printing process.

If you want eye-catching products to give out to employees, customers, and prospects, or want to get noticed as fairs, shows, and conventions, then contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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YBA has been doing our company shirts and hats for several years now. Product and customer service have always been top notch. I would highly recommend them.


They look GREAT!! We had over 100 people pick up their packets and shirts yesterday! Got lots of great feedback! Thank you so much! You are the best!


First time ordering and it will not be the last – wonderful customer service, fast shipping, sorted, each box was labeled, packed and very professionally organized. I ordered around 2000 T-Shirts. Stress-free!! Great price – excellent product. I highly recommend YBA – Love it and my customers loved the shirts.


YBA Shirts was fantastic to work with. The pricing was very aggressive and the suggestions on the artwork were perfect. They had the shirts printed quickly, inexpensively and they look perfect. I will be using them the next go around.


YBA provides amazing customer service and has an amazing turn around time. They provide everything necessary and then some–even a personal delivery. Highly recommend YBA for all of your outfitting needs!


I was under a crunch deadline and had never even heard of YBA let alone having never used them. From their persistent Marketing Representative all the way to their Sales Executive, the process was great and the outcome was even greater. It was a Big Hit for one of the most important Showcase events of the year. I plan to use them more moving forward.


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